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ASB Clubs/Activities


The last day for activity buses is thursday, june 6th. There will not be any clubs or sports after that date. 


Please check the Lancer Daily Bulletin to confirm room locations and be sure to sign up in advance.

Most after school clubs run from 2:40 pm to 4:00 pm and activity buses are provided.

Clubs with ASB listed as the type require an ASB card to participate.

After-school clubs and activities reminders:

  • Students must be at their elected activity by 2:40 pm to participate.
  • No club hopping. Students must stay in their selected club/activity until 4:00 pm. 
  • Students who are riding the bus should be given a bus pass by their activity advisor.
  • Students do not need an ASB sticker to participate in after school academic support.
  • Some clubs require an ASB sticker on their school ID to participate. 


Please see our Activity Buses page for information on modifed bus routes for after school programming. 

Active Clubs and Homework Help
Club/Activity Type Advisor Location Day Description     
Library Squad Club ASB Ms. Goude Library


 Usually Every other Tuesday

May 14th, 28th

The goal of Library Squad is to get students more involved in the library while making students feel more welcome. Join the squad if you can help organize the Makerspace, manage the Recording Studio, and help students use the Tech Center. You may also assist with checking out books, putting them away, and marketing books to other students. 

Maker Club   Mrs. Goude & Mr. Huff, & Ms. Robinson Library


Finished for the season!


Maker Club Sign Up

Weekly sign up required due to limited space. Names of students attending will be posted outside the library the Friday before each scheduled club date. 
YOU get to help choose the activities we do in Makers Club. Our club is open to any students who are interested in making stuff: arts & crafts, tinkering with STEM tools, designing with Legos or cardboard, creating with the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine, making your own videos or podcasts, electronic sewing, exploring 3D printing, laser engraving, poster printing and MORE! Come create with us. 
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) ASB

Mr. East, & Ms. Felton


Every Tuesday


GSA is a place for LGBTQ+ members and allies to come together, get to know each other, and determine ways to make McKnight a more welcoming and supportive community for all students.

Robotics Club   Ms. Stojka 304  Every *Tuesday* until further notice 


Robotics club participates in the First Tech Challenge (FTC) which is a national robotics challenge. Each year the challenge is a little bit different, but there are always several tasks that our robot needs to accomplish. We design, build, program, drive, and test our robots as we get ready for monthly competitions. Students can participate in the afterschool club only or join us at monthly weekend competitions. All are welcome - no experience necessary! 

Dungeons and Dragons Club ASB Ms. Rector 211


Most Mondays.

May 13th, 20th. 

Do you seek adventure? Do you like fantasy genre? Do you like to create characters or stories? Do you want to know more about that game the kids in Stranger Things play? Then this is the club for you! 

This year we will be using our new books and dice to play Dungeons & Dragons. But we will also be printing and painting D&D Mini Figures (that YOU design - with help from our Librarian's 3D Printer!)

Spirit Squad Club ASB Ms. Kritsonis, & Ms. Matteson Commons 


Finished for the Season! Check back next school year. 


Spirit Squad is a place where students can learn dance (drill style), cheer, and promote school spirit. During basketball season, the squad will learn and perform dance routines. During all other sports seasons, we will focus on cheering at sporting events with our student section.

Buddy Club ASB Ms. Hamilton 144

1st & 3rd Mondays each month.

April 22nd

The MMS Buddy Club is an inclusive, school-based club for students of all abilities.  With the support of the McKnight school community, students with and without disabilities have the opportunity to participate together in social and recreational activities!  The Buddy Club provides opportunities to build student character, increase awareness and acceptance of disabilities, develop student leadership, and other skills in an inclusive, safe, and fun setting.  The club will begin collecting participant forms in December and will meet in Ms. Hamilton’s classroom when we launch our new Club in January!  If you have questions or would like to sign-up, please contact Denise Hamilton ( or Tarra Hollins ( for more information!

Environmental Club ASB Ms. Shood 218


Every other Thursday

May 16th, 30th, 

Environmental club is for students who want to bring awareness to environmental issues and help create solutions. 


Candy Club ASB Ms. Robinson 132


Every other week. 

May 9th, 23rd

June 6th


Due to limited space, students are asked to sign up if they would like to attend. Student rosters will be posted to Ms. Robinson's door. Please check to see if you are on that list before attending. 

Candy Club is for students who want to learn about candy, how to make it, and the importance of kitchen safety. 

Candy Club Sign ups

Drama Club ASB Ms. Stroup, & Mr. Chand Tate Commons


Finished for the season!


Join like minded students interested in performing arts and have a great time with other students. All our welcome. Join us for the production of Newsies! 

Social Studies Help Academic Study Skills Mr. B 414


Every other Thursday

May 9th, 23rd

Do you need help on a social studies assignment? Do you want a quiet environment to work on your academics, especially social studies?  Come to room #414 on Thursdays by 2:45 for Social Studies help.  Listen for morning announcements and/or check the door Thursday morning in case of cancellation.

Social Studies Help Academic Study Skills Ms. Brown 214 Finished for the Season! Stop by Ms. Browns room if you need help on an assignment.   
Language Arts Help Academic Study Skills Ms. Lissak 319 Tuesdays Need help on an assignment? Want feedback on an essay? Come to after-school LA help!  
Math Help

Academic Study Skills

Ms. Shood 218 Tuesdays Have questions about math? Want extra practice? Need to review an assignment? Stop on by for some help and feedback!   
Academic Study Hall Academic Study Skills Mr. East 134


Finished for the Season!

Do you need help with an assignment? Need a quite place to work? Want to review a class assignment? Well look no further! Join Mr. East for Study Hall.