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ASB Clubs/Activities

Please check the Lancer Daily Bulletin to confirm room locations and be sure to sign up in advance.

Most after school clubs run from 2:40 pm to 4:00 pm and activity buses are provided.

Clubs with ASB listed as the type require an ASB card to particpate.


Active Clubs and Homework Help
Club/Activity Type Advisor Location Day Description   
GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) ASB Gibbons 509 Tuesdays GSA is a place for LGBTQ+ members and allies to come together, get to know each other, and determine ways to make McKnight a more welcoming and supportive community for all students.
Bike Club ASB Hoag 426 More Info to come Bike Club is a fun, energetic group of students, parents, and staff from McKnight and Risdon Middle Schools who meet on Saturdays to enjoy group cycling rides in the Renton/Seattle area. If you're interested in participating in rides this spring, including the San Juan camping trip, be sure to attend the Parent/Student Information Meeting in early March, 2022. For more information, see Mr. Hoag in 426.
Maker Club   Huff 510 Starts 12/7/21  
Drama Club ASB Stroup   January  
WABS Afterschool STEM (Foremly Boeing/STEAM)   Stojka 304 Nov 8th, 15th, 29th, and Dec 6th The goal of the ASSA is to give students exposure to industry professionals, to learn about STEM careers and career pathways, and to engage in fun, hands-on learning that helps increase 21st Century skills.
Boardgame Club ASB Woodward 7th Grade Pod
Thursdays  Sept. 30 Oct. 14  Oct. 28 Nov. 18  Dec. 2  Dec 16  Jan. 13  Jan. 27  Feb. 10  Feb. 24  Mar. 10  Apr. 14  Apr. 28  May 12  May 26  June 9
Ready for some gaming that's NOT in front of a screen?  Join Board Game Club!  We play a variety of games including traditional board games, tabletop RPGs, deck builders like M:TG, and more!  Spend some time with friends and learn something new! We'd love to have you!
Garden Club ASB Hollins 316 Tuesdays Come meet  and socialize with other horticultural enthusiasts.  The Garden Club is a place where McKnight has its own garden and green house.  Come help make it bloom with friendships, plants, and veggies.
Robtics Club   Stojka 304 Tuesdays & Thursdays Robotics club will be participating in the First Tech Challenge, a National Robotics Program, with Hazen HS Robotics team members mentoring our McKnight Middle School team.  Students will learn how to build, program, and control a robot to perform game challenges.  This year’s theme is Freight Frenzy – robots will be simulating tasks that need to be completed in warehouses and shipping companies – scanning, storing, and moving products.  Robots need to be programmed to be able to complete certain tasks on their own, and they also need to be controlled remotely by drivers.  Our team will compete in at least 3 monthly competitions during  Nov – Jan – and maybe more if our robot is really successful.   Come check out what robotics is all about, learn some new skills, and engage in a lot of friendly competition!
Social Studies Help   Burleson 414 Thursdays  
Math help   Calvillo 413 Thrusdays  
Math Help   Medlang 412 Tuesdays