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Sports Spectator Raffle

Please fill out the Google Form below if you would like to attend a sporting event at McKnight. This is for current McKnight students only. You MUST be in good standing and have transportation home to attend this event. 

Upcoming Home Game on December 12th. Stay tuned for raffle announcement!

Activity busses are not provided for spectators. 

You MUST be in the gym by 2:40pm or you will not be allowed to enter the game.  

Wristbands are to be attached to your wrist before leaving 6th period.  Any students involved in trading, selling, or exchanging wristbands will be banned from future games at McKnight.

Good Standing:

  1. No unserved lunch detentions.
  2. No incidents resulting in in-school or out-of-school suspension in the past month.
  3. No more than 12 tardies in the past month.
  4. No truancies in the past month.
  5. Must be receiving a 2 or higher in 5 out of 6 classes.