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Communities in Schools of Renton

As part of the nation's leading dropout prevention organization, our site coordinator works with McKnight students and their families to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Communities In Schools brings resources and volunteers into the school to help struggling students overcome barriers to success, stay on track to graduate, and aim for a brighter future. 

What We Do 

  • Work with local community service partners such as social service agencies, businesses, health care providers and volunteers to connect students and their families with needed resources. 
  • One-to-one services such as academic help, basic needs like food and clothing, physical and mental health care, mentoring, or college and career preparation help individual students overcome barriers to success at school 
  • School-wide offerings such as assemblies and after-school enrichment meet broad student needs 
  • Mentor Program (link)  

Mentor Program 

Communities in Schools Mentor Program 

Since 1995, the Communities In Schools of Renton (CISR) Mentor Program has matched volunteer mentors with students in grades K-12 in the Renton School District. Along with the CISR school-based Site Coordinator and school staff, the mentor becomes part of the team of people who work to support students who are at-risk of dropping out. We offer both one-on-one and small group options. 

The Mentor’s Role 

The Mentor’s main purpose is to be a consistent caring adult. By sharing fun activities and exposing the student to new ideas, Mentors encourage positive choices, promote self-esteem and support academic achievement. 

Become Involved 

If you are interested in connecting your student with a mentor, please contact your school liaison. 

There are many students currently waiting for a Mentor. If you are ready to spend 1 hour a week to bring consistency, support and stability to make a lasting difference in a student’s life, you can sign up by filling out our volunteer interest form: Yes! I am interested in learning more about becoming a mentor. 

Mentor FAQ 

What is the time commitment? 
Students are mentored once a week for 1 hour during the school-day. We also ask for a 1-year commitment to provide consistency to the student. 

When can I sign up to mentor? 
You can begin meeting a student at any time during the school year. 

Can I choose the school I want to be assigned to? 
Yes, you can choose from the 5 elementary, 3 middle and 1 high school we work with. 

What time of the day will I meet with my mentee? 
You can meet anytime during the school day that works for both you and the student. Small group opportunities are available immediately after school. 

Given it’s a 1-year commitment, what about vacations, etc.? 
We understand there will be times you will need to miss a weekly session, all we ask is that you communicate with us. 

Communities in Schools &
McKinney-Vento Liaison: 

Adan Garcia