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6th grade - Class of 2027

8th Grade Guidance Lessons

During the 8th grade year my goal is make sure all 8th graders have started their High School and Beyond plan before entering their 9th grade year. All students are required to complete their High School and Beyond plans as it is a State requirement for their high school graduation credentials. To get our 8th graders started, I will be in classrooms through out the year working on various college/career lesson plans, which will compile into their High School and Beyond plans. Although many times students’ careers and aspirations change. These lessons and plans will be a start for students to also get an idea of what classes they would like to take in the 9th grade. Our feeder high schools will be coming to McKnight for course registrations in March 2020.  
*Please Note: Students will have the option to modify their plans in high school. 

Present in the 8th grade Social Studies classrooms 

  • Student will be using Career Cruising  
  • Student will complete Career Interest Inventory 
  • Students will complete Career Matchmaker 

DECEMBER 6TH and December 13TH  
Present in L.A. classrooms 

  • Students will be using Google Word Document and Career Cruising 
  • Student will work on the 1st part of their High School Plan 
  • Students will choose 2 careers 
  • Students will research what education is required 
  • Student will research what high school courses will help them toward their career goal(s) 

Present in Science classrooms 

  • Topic/Activity will be to check in on students’ academic progress 

Present in Social Studies classrooms 

  • Topic/Activity will be to discuss the College Search with students 
  • Students will identify their top 3 schools they would like to attend 
  • Student will identify at least one local community/vocational college 

Present in L.A. classrooms 

  • Topic will be discussing transition to high school 
  • This month feeder high schools (Renton HS and Hazen HS) come to McKnight to register students for classes. 
Keira Edwards - 8th grade counselor 2019-2020

8th Grade Counselor:  
Mrs. Keira Edwards 
(425) 204-3616

My name is Mrs. Keira Edwards. You can call me Mrs. Edwards. I have been a counselor at McKnight going on three years. 

I graduated from Hampton University in Hampton, VA with my bachelor's in psychology. I received my master's degree in Counseling at Seattle University. 

I am married, with one son named Kadence who is 4 years old. I enjoy planning trips with family and friends, cooking, as well as dabbling in arts and crafts. 

I am an adult that cares and wants to hear about the good AND not so good things going on in your life. 

Parents feel free to call me directly, email, or come into student services to set up an appointment to see me. If students or parent(s)/guardian(s) have an emergency and I am not available, please feel free to call, email, set up an urgent appointment or see one of the other counselors. 

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) please be patient when requesting a time to see me or another counselor. We collectively serve over 900 students, so we will be sure to get to all request as soon as we can.