What is the College Bound Scholarship?

  • Early commitment of state financial aid to eligible 7th and 8th grade students.
  • Combines with other state financial aid to cover the average cost of tuition (at comparable public college rates), some fees, and a small book allowance=commitment of funds.

Step 1: 

  • Apply in 7th or 8th grade, by June 30 of 8th grade year (foster youth are auto-enrolled). 
  • Meet income requirements; verified on the application. 

Step 2: 

  • Fulfill the College Bound Pledge. 
    • Graduate from a Washington State high school with a 2.0 GPA or better.
    • Have no felony convictions.
    • Be income eligible, as determined by the college with information from the FAFSA or WASFA.
    • Enroll in an eligible college within one year of high school graduation.
  • Meet income requirements; verified by the college using information from FAFSA or WASFA. 
  • Be accepted to and attend an eligible college within one year of graduating high school. 

College Bound Scholarship Family Income Eligibility Chart (2019-20)
To receive College Bound Scholarship funds, the student’s family income must be at or below the amount listed in the chart below.         

Household Size Annual Income Guidelines* Monthly Income Weekly Income
2 $31,284 $2,607 $602
3 $39,461 $3,289 $759
4 $47,638 $3,870 $917
5 $55,815 $4,536 $1,074
6 $63,992 $5,333 $1,231
7 $72,169 $6,015 $1,388
8 $80,346 $6,696 $1,546


What does it cover?
Average Cost of Tuition (public rates)
Some College Fees
Small Book Allowance

Does not cover:
Meal Plan
Health care / Insurance
Non-mandatory fees

Need to know: 
Must enroll in college within 1 year of high school graduation.
Must be used within five year of HS graduation (Class of 2015’s CB scholarship expires in 2020).
College Bound is a four-year scholarship (12 quarters/8 semesters).
Be “in good standing” with your college to maintain scholarship (GPA, honor code, etc.).
File the FAFSA or WASFA every year - Income eligibility is checked each year of college.

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