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Counselor's Corner

Monday (4/20/20) 

Messages from your counselors...

The kids have been home now for a couple of week and perhaps you as well. The current health crisis affects most every facet of our lives. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this crisis is our lack of ability to predict and control it. Control is a key component in our experience of stress. When we feel we have control over our circumstances, even if it's just a belief, we experience less stress than when we feel we are not in control. This is true for both children and adults.  

So how do we lessen our experience of stress as we face this community health crisis? The first is obvious, reduce our exposure to this virus by following the guidance health professionals are giving us. But beyond this, what can we do?  

Even in these difficult times there are things that we can do to increase our sense of control and predictability, for our children and ourselves. Here are a few ways to reduce stress by building predictability and control back into our lives. 

Predictability: Establish a daily routine. When do we get up and when is bedtime? When does dad or mom work remotely from home and when do children work on maintaining their learning? When is there free time for play? How and with whom do we socialize? What time is dinner going be? Maintaining a routine, a rhythm to our lives, provides predictability and stability, especially during unsettling times as we are experiencing presently. 

Control: Develop your plan for daily routine through negotiation. Children need have their input heard to give them that sense of control, even if you still have veto powers over poor choices. Negotiate over special times, any events. For example, movie nights, game nights or special meals get prepared during the week.  

There is also a hidden gift in the current crisis, and that is a gift of time. We're always saying we don't have enough time to do this or to do that. Well, maybe this is the time. Is there a special project you wanted to get done? Perhaps clean the refrigerator or the garage, weed the garden or maybe paint a room. Has your child wanted to paint their room, but you were afraid to turn them loose with a paint can and roller unsupervised? This could be the time to do that project together. 

Mr. Roper


Hi Lancers, 

I know that this is strange times for you, me, all of us.  I want you to know that I am thinking of each of you, and your families.  We will get through this!  It might take some time, a little more than we expected, but we will get through this. 

I know you have heard lots about what to do to keep safe and ways that you can avoid getting and spreading the virus.  I wanted to remind you of some of those things. 

Reminders of things you can do:  

  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow. If you sneeze or cough into a tissue, throw it in the trash right away. 

  • Keep your hands out of your mouth, nose, and eyes. This will help keep germs out of your body. 

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Follow these five steps—wet, lather (make bubbles), scrub (rub together), rinse and dry. You can sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. 

  • If you don’t have soap and water, have an adult help you use a special hand cleaner. 

  • Keep things clean, the things we touch the most, like desks, doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls, and yes, your cell phones. 

  • If you feel sick, stay home. Just like you don’t want to get other people’s germs in your body, other people don’t want to get your germs either. 

Yes, that was a reminder from me!  Please listen and follow the advice of the people who are working hard to provide information to help keep us healthy and safe. 

Ms. Sheridan


Hey everyone! 


High School is right around the corner. With the current time we have off think about your 8th grade goals from the beginning of the school to now. What have you changed? What would you like to work on still? What are you career aspirations, and how does your goals help you to achieve your career aspiration? 

Look at the student handout posted on Mrs. Edwards Google classroom and complete the following questions. This activity will be under classwork and is titled, “8th grade Academic Progress Activity”.  

When you are finished, submit this into the Google Classroom. This is not a graded assignment, but it is a great activity to help prepare for your future goals going into high school. 

Students- If you have never signed into my classroom the code to join is: xttpzup 

Mrs. Edwards  

School News


Dear Class of 2024,

Congratulations, you have completed your final year at McKnight Middle School! This has been an extraordinary year for many reasons, both academically and around the world. You are living in a time that you and your friends will remember for years to come and we hope that you pause to remember the great times that you had while at McKnight, as well as reflect on some of the trying times and the opportunities that next year presents.

Below are the links to the 8th Grade Celebration video and Program. You can download them for your memories and use if you wish.

The McKnight staff and community could not be more proud of the growth you have shown during your time as McKnight middle schoolers. Stay Lancer Strong!

Click HERE for 8th Grade Celebration video and program

Services for students during school closure

Following a new directive from Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, we will close all Renton School District schools beginning Monday, March 16 through Friday, April 24. 

We're constantly updating our school closure/coronavirus webpage. Here are services for students/families during closure:

Meal Services
Beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020, meals will be available for any child, ages 1-18, in the front lot of each Renton School from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm daily during the school week. We are committed to providing access to meals to help ensure that all students’ nutritional needs are met during the closure. Meals are “grab and go” - Students will not stay on-site to eat; meals are intended to be taken off campus and can be picked up through car windows.

Additionally, meals will be available at the following locations daily from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm daily:

Learning During Closure
Renton Schools have provided resources for at-home learning during our closure. We are committed to providing equitable learning experiences for our students. These resources are intended to support skill maintenance and development. Paper copies were distributed to students at all schools on Friday, March 13 and directions posted on the district website page for students and families. Additional copies will be available at schools during meal service.

State Testing
The state's education office (OSPI) is cancelling all state testing for the 2019-2020 school year. This includes the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), the Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS), the Washington Access to Instruction and Measurement (WA-AIM), and WIDA Alternate ACCESS for English learners.

We are working with our local partners and with the state education office (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction - OSPI), on clear guidance to provide childcare during the school closure. Details to follow.

Building, Field, Pool Use During Closure
Our schools, buildings, fields and pools remain closed to outside organized teams/groups through the end of March.