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Principal's Message

Updated 8/10/2021

Dear Lancer families, students, and community:

My name is Jordanne Nevin and I am honored to be serving in my second year as principal at McKnight Middle School. 

At McKnight, we are committed to creating a student-centered environment.  This means academic excellence, and lifelong learning are key values for us.  In addition, we nurture the social and emotional growth and development of each student.  We are guided by Renton’s School District strategic plan and focus our work on service, equity, and excellence.  We have goals aligned to our strategic plan focused on three ideas: core learning and teaching, social emotional learning, and family and community engagement.

I have spent 17 years in education as a high school math teacher, a high school assistant principal, and a principal at a kindergarten through 8th grade STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) school.  In each of those roles, I have been honored to lead in communities that innovate and challenge.  I am passionate about developing students’ potential, elevating students’ voices, and leading for equity. 

In my most recent role, we transformed a traditional K-8 school to a STEM school, with a Project Based approach to learning in every classroom.  The most inspiring part of this work was re-thinking the way schools have traditionally served students and families while building opportunities for students to become agents of their own learning to make a difference in their community.

As a resident of the Renton community, I am honored to work in a school district with specific goals around service, equity, and excellence.  I am excited to continue our work at McKnight focused on learning and teaching, engaging families and community, and removing barriers to student success.

In Partnership,

Jordanne Nevin